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Moto Milan

Two wheels through the heart of Milan. Fun stuff for a scooting go 'round.

Many times my eyes were closed, and my knees were usually squeezed tight as we crisscrossed through traffic. I struggled to keep my bag balanced in front of me. I really did try not to bump my helmet at every stop. I swear I did. It took a little getting used to but hey, if the Italians can do it gracefully, well I can at least I can try too.

Seeing Milan on a scooter is thrilling and surprisingly comfortable. It gives you freedom and the luxury of speed. Riding a scooter also implies in some sense that you know what your doing. Luckily, the helmet shields uncertain looks from the other drivers.

Catching glimpses of small neighborhoods, taking a 10 minute espresso break at a corner cafe, noticing those small shops that you might miss if you stayed on four wheels or long after the feet give out, what better way to discover The Bone Chapel or Bar Metro?

As a photographer, experiencing Milan from this perspective was exciting and challenging. Capturing the city from the back of a moving vehicle is a blur. A fast paced, nonstop flow, and a great experience to be right in the middle of it.

It's not an easy task. The roads dead end. Pedestrians are everywhere. You have to hang on to your belongings and be constantly aware of your surroundings. It's not an easy task at all... and I was the passenger!



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